Special Series: The Omnicommerce Revolution with Yael Barak and Kari Finley, Worldpay | Episode 326

Ready to uncover how consumer demographics are transforming the payments landscape? Join me in a fascinating discussion with Yael Barak, VP of Product Management and Kari Finley, Senior Director of Global GTM from WorldPay. They share their unique perspectives on how omnicommerce is evolving and why it’s crucial for merchants to provide seamless experiences across all channels. 

We dive deep into the generational preferences shaping payment trends. Discover why Gen Z is so comfortable with mobile transactions and willing to share personal data for convenience, while millennials lean towards buy now, pay later options and loyalty programs. Gain insights into the ongoing relevance of point-of-sale and cash transactions for Gen Xers and baby boomers, highlighting the diverse needs that must be met within the payments ecosystem.

Lastly, we explore the impact of COVID-19 on omnicommerce adoption across generations. Hear how the pandemic accelerated digital commerce, even among older consumers, and brought lasting changes to shopping habits. Our conversation also tackles the challenges faced by smaller merchants in implementing omnicommerce solutions and underscores the importance of providing multi-channel experiences to attract younger consumers. Plus, learn how¬†WorldPay‘s omnicommerce solutions streamline operations, making it easier for businesses to integrate and reconcile various processes. Don’t miss this comprehensive look at the future of commerce!