Qi Cao, Co-Founder & CEO of Chargeblast | Episode 327

How did a pre-med student from Yale end up transforming the landscape of chargeback mitigation? Join us as Qi Cao, the co-founder and CEO of Chargeblast, reveals his fascinating journey from life science consulting and hedge fund analysis to pioneering tech-forward solutions in the payments industry. Discover how Chargeblast is slashing chargeback rates by up to 99% for hyper-growth startups using Stripe and Shopify. Get an insider look at the unique strategies Chargeblast employs, the pivotal role of social media for business growth, and the significance of strategic partnerships with industry giants.

This episode also uncovers the incredible potential of Generative AI in optimizing chargeback alerts across sectors like health, subscription SaaS, and e-commerce. You’ll hear about the latest trends in payments, including the future of peer-to-peer transaction chargebacks and the crucial role of card tokenization. Qi also shares his personal passions, from daily workouts to mentoring a diverse team, offering invaluable advice for anyone venturing into the fintech or payments space. Don’t miss out on the practical tips and inspiring stories packed into this compelling conversation!