Jo Phillips & Will Corbera, Co-CEOs of Payabli | Episode 329

Can you imagine turning every software company into a payment powerhouse? That’s exactly what Jo Phillips and Will Corbera, co-CEOs of Payabli, are doing. In this episode, we chat with Jo and Will about their groundbreaking work in the payments industry, transforming software businesses by providing a unified API for payment acceptance, issuance, and operational management. From Jo’s roots in his grandfather’s jewelry business in Southern California to Will’s multicultural upbringing across Miami, Barcelona, and Costa Rica, you’ll hear about the personal journeys that led them to joining forces at Payabli.

Jo and Will share insider advice for newcomers to the payments industry, underscoring the value of understanding the payments value chain, having a mentor, and focusing on a specific vertical. Plus, they express their gratitude to their hardworking team and announce exciting job openings at Payabli, offering a golden opportunity for aspiring fintech professionals. They also encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap into the fintech space, highlighting its potential for disruption and innovation.