Special Series: The Omnicommerce Revolution with Shae Orrick, Sr. Product Manager at Worldpay | Episode 330

Unlock the secrets of omnicommerce and revolutionize your business with insights from Shea Orrick, Senior Product Manager at Worldpay. Ever wondered how to provide a seamless, unified shopping experience across multiple channels? Our latest episode promises to break down the complex world of omnicommerce into actionable steps that can help you adapt to ever-changing consumer buying habits. You’ll gain valuable knowledge on how integrated systems and data can enhance the consumer experience while making business management more effective.

Shea guides us through the journey of adopting omnicommerce solutions, often discovered through online research, ads, and trusted partners like banks. We dive deep into the top three pain points these solutions address—simplifying business operations into a single portal, improving inventory management through key business insights, and keeping customers happy with efficient, cost-effective marketing strategies. Learn about Worldpay‘s Commerce360, a powerful tool designed to streamline your operations with features like a robust payment system, seamless website integration with GoDaddy, and comprehensive marketing and inventory management tools.

Shea provides an exclusive look at Commerce360’s future plans, including an online order option for merchants not ready for a full-fledged website, advanced user management tools, and the integration of AI technology to make inventory management a breeze. With Worldpay and GoDaddy’s combined expertise, you can expect continuous improvements and innovative features that future-proof your business.