Pulse of Payments: Swipe Right on SoftPOS: Unlocking Payment Freedom with Mike Barnes, Ingenico | Episode 331

The world of payments is rapidly evolving, and Ingenico‘s SoftPOS technology is at the forefront of this revolution. In this episode, Mike Barnes, Sales Director and Head of Banks and Acquirers at Ingenico, dives deep into the innovative features and capabilities of SoftPOS, offering valuable insights into its integration, customization, security, and future evolution.

SoftPOS is a game-changer in the payments industry as it transforms any NFC-enabled mobile device into a seamless payment terminal. This means that merchants can accept payments on their smartphones or tablets, unlocking a world of possibilities. Mike Barnes emphasizes the importance of clear communication and ongoing collaboration between partners and Ingenico during the integration process.

Security and payment flexibility are paramount in the world of payments, and SoftPOS by Ingenico delivers on both fronts. SoftPOS is an app-based solution that simplifies transactions, protects sensitive data, and ensures the highest level of security with stringent PCI certifications and software-based security measures. 

We share compelling success stories, like how SoftPOS provided reliable payment solutions during network outages, and explore the future evolution of SoftPOS. Learn how customer feedback is driving the development of new features such as DCC, loyalty programs, and installment payments, setting the stage for SoftPOS to revolutionize the payments landscape for SMBs and retailers worldwide.