Carlos Navarro, CEO of Corvia | Episode 333

In the latest episode of the Leaders in Payments podcast, host Greg Myers engages in a compelling conversation with Carlos Navarro, CEO of Corvia. Carlos takes us on an insightful journey through the company’s strategic maneuvers and innovations. Discover why Corvia‘s focus on the SMB space and higher-risk areas sets them apart, and how their location in Austin, Texas, along with substantial investments in risk and compliance systems, gives them a significant edge. Carlos shares the company’s impressive growth trajectory, robust partner ecosystem, and cutting-edge solutions for boarding and transaction monitoring, offering listeners a comprehensive look at what makes Corvia a standout player in a crowded market.

Carlos also opens up about his personal journey, from founding a small consulting firm to holding pivotal roles at industry giants like IBM and JP Morgan, ultimately leading him to Corvia’s helm. With a passion for mentoring and talent development, Carlos provides invaluable career advice for new graduates eager to break into the fintech world. Listen as he recounts his tenure on the Junior Achievement board in Atlanta, his role as a high school football coach, and his love for college football. Packed with personal anecdotes and professional wisdom, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone keen on understanding the dynamic landscape of payments and fintech.