Special Series: The Omnicommerce Revolution with Yael Barak & Shae Orrick, Worldpay | Episode 332

Unlock the secrets of seamless Omnicommerce as we dive into Worldpay‘s Commerce360 product set with Shae Orrick, Senior Product Manager, and Yael Barak, VP of Product Management. Discover how small businesses can thrive by integrating payment acceptance across multiple channels into one robust merchant portal. Developed in partnership with GoDaddy, Commerce360 not only simplifies payments but also comes packed with marketing services and social media connections. Learn how the three concepts—Connect, Run, and Grow—are tailored to help businesses set up payments, streamline operations, and expand their customer base effortlessly.

Ever wondered how friction impacts your business? Friction can turn customers away and complicate your business operations, but Commerce360 tackles this head-on. Yael and Shea shed light on how their solution bridges the gap between online and in-store experiences, smoothing out payment processes and making interactions easier for both consumers and merchants. Imagine consolidating multiple systems into one user-friendly portal, much like having a smartphone for all your business needs. Plus, the sleek design of the Commerce360 terminal adds a touch of modern flair and credibility. Tune in to see how this innovative tool can transform your business operations and elevate your customer engagement.