David Lambert, CEO of Paycross | Episode 246

Prepare to meet David Lambert, the charismatic CEO of Paycross. Exuding a passion for payments, he’s at the helm of this groundbreaking payment orchestration technology platform. We delve into his journey to the top; a journey fueled by personal and professional ambitions. Discover the unique features of Paycross as Lambert unravels the intricacies of payment orchestration and how it’s revolutionizing card processing and cross-border transactions.

In the second half, get ready for an unexpected twist as we discuss Lambert’s love for Japanese whiskey. Lambert’s approach to payments is as nuanced and comprehensive as his taste in whiskey. Listen as he shares Paycross‘s strategy to serve underserved niche markets and their commitment to becoming indispensable to merchants by offering multifaceted payment solutions. The competitive payments industry is a game of agility and innovation. Tune in to learn from an industry expert about the future of payments and how to stay ahead of the curve.