Francisco Leon, CEO of Bamboo Payment Systems | Episode 279

What if you knew the secrets of the rapidly evolving payments and fintech landscape in Latin America? Cue Francisco León, the CEO of Bamboo Payment Systems. With a wealth of experience in finance and risk management, he shares his journey of leading a company that bridges the gap between international businesses and Latin American consumers. Bamboo Payment Systems is making strides in the payment processing industry by focusing on various sectors like gaming, ride-hailing, and streaming services. Their USP? Real-time payments and leveraging local payment methods. 

We dig into the rise of local payment methods, their challenges, and the potential tremors crypto and blockchain could cause in the region. But it’s not all business – Francisco gives us a glimpse into his world outside work, from kickboxing to balancing family life. His advice for those looking to carve a career in payments? Flexibility and adaptability are key. So strap in and get ready for a whirlwind tour of Latin America’s dynamic payments industry.