James Shepherd, CEO of CCSalesPro | Episode 280

Ever wonder how an entrepreneurial spirit combined with a computer science background can make an impact on the payments industry? Join us as we sit down with James Shepherd, CEO of CCSalesPro, who lives and breathes this synergy every day. James has an unwavering passion for sales and technology and shares his fascinating journey into the payments industry, highlighting the importance of collaboration, innovation, and the power of bringing different worlds together. Be prepared to be inspired by his personal life too, as he opens up about his faith, family, and love for podcasting.

This episode is not just about a personal journey, but it unravels the current trends shaping the payments and fintech industry. Verticalization, regulation’s potential impact on interchange revenue, and alternate forms of value exchange– we cover it all, discussing the challenges and opportunities these trends offer for ISOs and ISVs. We emphasize the importance of building personal connections and selecting the best merchant solutions amid these industry shifts. Also, James leaves us with his visionary thoughts on the future of the payments industry that promise exciting opportunities and transformative changes. So, let’s tune in and explore the world of payments with James Shepherd!