Jake Joraanstad, CEO & Co-Founder of Bushel | Episode 281

What if you could revolutionize a centuries-old practice with the click of a button? This week on the Leaders in Payments Podcast, we take you on a thrilling journey through the digital transformation of the agricultural industry. Our esteemed guest, Jake Joraanstad, the CEO and co-founder of Bushel, shares his inspiring journey from a North Dakota farm boy to a software entrepreneur. Learn how Bushel is rewriting the rules of agriculture by digitizing farming transactions and eliminating outdated paper-based processes.

We also navigate through the maze of challenges in the farming world. From crop tracking to payment issues, technology seems poised to solve them all. Jake offers a glimpse into the future, where digital solutions are the norm, not the exception. We delve into the prospects of younger generations taking the farming reins, steering it towards further digitalization, and making the lives of farmers more efficient and convenient.

No conversation with Jake would be complete without touching upon his passion for technology and…touring cars. Discover Jake’s side gig as a car racer, his experiences as a project manager, and his fervor for technology adoption. So, plug in, listen up, and get ready to explore the digital frontiers of farming with us on the Leaders in Payments Podcast.