DE&I Special Series: Jane Prokop, EVP and Global Head of Small & Medium Enterprises, Mastercard | Episode 308

Unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs across the globe with insights from Jane Prokop, Mastercard‘s dynamic leader for SMEs, who joins us to shed light on the unique obstacles women in business face. Discover the sweeping impact of small and medium enterprises and grasp the specific challenges that hold back women founders, from the limited access to venture capital to the intricate labyrinth of securing bank loans. Jane doesn’t just expose the issues; she shares Mastercard‘s robust toolkit of digital resources and educational programs that are leveling the playing field and fostering success for women in business.

Learn about the groundbreaking initiatives, including the Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard and the Women by Design program, that are tailoring support to the needs of these trailblazing women. Revel in the stories of resilience and innovation as Jane paints a picture of a future where women’s business ventures flourish, supported by a network of mentorship, state-of-the-art digital tools, and collaboration among governments, nonprofits, and private sectors. And for the small businesses reeling in a post-pandemic economy? Jane unveils how Mastercard‘s innovative products are not just a lifeline but a launchpad into a thriving digital-first future.